Update Your Contact Information & Join BDTPA

All property owners in the Basin, David, and Tilton Ponds watershed are eligible for membership in BDTPA.  For more details on membership, please refer to the BDTPA bylaws, Article IV, on the Documents page.  Now that our association has been reactivated, it is very important that all members renew their membership as soon as possible.  It is even more important for our organization to reach out to new members, so please share our website with the community in our three-pond watershed.  For more information on why a vital BDTPA is so important now, please read more here.

Membership is $25.00 per year.  Please update all of your contact information today, since some of our records are incomplete or out of date.   If you received a USPS mailing recently, that means that BDTPA does not have your email address.  We can save money and time if we can communicate by email.   

Please mail your membership fee ($25.00) to:

Thank you.

Monique Longtin, BDTPA Treasurer

330 Shore Road

Fayette ME   04349

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