“BDTPA works to improve the water quality of the ponds and their total environment.  The association also educates and informs landowners, their guests, and other interested individuals on issues of water qulity, invasive plants, and other environmental and safety concerns.”


The Basin David & Tilton Ponds Association began several years ago as a response to the need for environmental awareness regarding the condition of these three ponds.

In addition to working to improve the water quality of the ponds and the surrounding environment, the BDTPA has always promoted education issues, so that landowners and their guests can make informed decisions that will be helpful to the water quality of the ponds.  BDTPA has been a strong supporter of the Lake Smart program, now administered by Maine Lakes, formerly known as The Maine Lakes Society.

Other issues in which BDTPA has been involved include monitoring for invasive plant species in the ponds, participation in the Audobon Annual Loon Count,and the maintenance of historical water levels on David Pond. 

All property owners in the three pond watershed are welcome to join our association.


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