2019 Newsletter

Volume 1 | Issue 1

Feb. 2019







“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir


Water Level


The water level interest group is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of negotiations with the Maine DEP over the maintenance and repair of the outflow dam.  The agreement was memorialized in a letter from Mark Bergeron, P.E., Director, Bureau of Land Resources, Maine Department of Environmental Protection.  

There are many people who contributed to this effort.  First, BDTPA was revived by former board members.  Next, abutting landowners agreed to easements allowing specific BDPTA members access to their property.  Volunteers researched town tax documents, geological survey data and dug deeply into the history of David Pond.  There was a lot of political advocacy.  We had the inexpressibly valuable expertise of a professional engineer to make our case with the DEP.  A surveyor has been monitoring our water level weekly.  Fayette’s town manager and code enforcement officer took part in meetings.  In the end, we successfully made our case to maintain historic water levels with the oversight and approval of the DEP. A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed. 

The DEP will be working with us going forward to assure that any actions we take are consistent with the law and best practices.

Our next step is repair of the existing structure as outlined in the letter.  If you would like to join those who have volunteered to work on the project, please send me an email.  Tom Jenkins will be coordinating the repair with the DEP.

Nobody should be altering the dam in any way, nor should anyone trespass on abutting land.



The 30 Mile River Watershed Association has been monitoring Basin Pond which has seen a significant drop in water clarity. Fall samples are still undergoing analysis. The most recent check of oxygen levels were normal.  We’ll share information as it comes in.  See subsequent developments on the BDTPA News page.



By now you are no doubt aware that taxes have gone up in Fayette. We spoke with the town manager who explained that the state of Maine has changed the way education funds are distributed and rural districts like ours were hard hit. He has asked for us to write letters of concern to his attention that he might use in advocating for the restoration of education funding in the interest of local property tax relief. This article gives a fuller picture of the tax situation.



Richard Hicks has updated our web site. If you would like your photos of the pond on our web site, please send them to me. I would love to see our site become a widely used resource for residents. What would you like to see on our site? Send us your suggestions.



  • • BDTPA’s fiscal year ends April 30. You can renew your family’s membership by sending a check for $25 to Monique Longtin at BDTPA Treasurer, 330 Shore Road, Fayette, ME 04349.  Update your contact info here.
  • • Annual Meeting tentatively Aug 3, 2019 at 10:00am at Fayette Central School
  • • LakeSmart Training June 22.  See details soon on this page.


Liz Hicks, BDTPA President

Basin David Tilton 

Ponds Association

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